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How to Choose The Right Massage Therapist For You (Part I)

Finding the right therapist can be a daunting task.  Many of our clients have told us that they’ve been looking for a massage place/therapist and that it’s taken them awhile to find the right one.  Over the next few blogs, we will be covering various questions and points that you can ask yourself and your therapist to help you reduce the time it takes to find the one for you.

1) What type of massage are you looking for and what are your goals for the session?

First, it’s important to identify what you’d like to get from your massage experience.  Are you getting massage for relaxation or relief from pain?  How do you want your therapist to interact with you during your session?   Knowing the answer to these questions will guide you in where to start looking for a therapist.

The type of end result you would like for massage (i.e. relaxation or pain relief) is important to know right from the start.  If you are just looking for relaxation, then your options are extensive because any licensed massage place can provide a relaxing massage.  All therapists are trained to be basic, relaxation massage.  On the other hand if you are looking to find relief from pain, then you want to consider therapists who are skilled in dealing with the type of pain that you have.  You can ask your therapist what type of experience they have in dealing with your situation.

How would you like to be treated during your massage experience is also valuable information.  If you aren’t interested in having your therapist get to know you, then the franchise places are better suited for you.  They do not do extensive intake processes to get to know your situation or body.  On the other hand,if you prefer to create more of a relationship with your massage therapist, then you want a place that takes their time to get to know you.  This means that they go over your intake form before you get on the table, ask questions about your activities to understand what muscles are being used, and take the time to explain what they found after your session.

To recap, two questions that you should know the answers to so you can evaluate the therapist with right framework…1) What would you like out the session? Are you there to relax or get some sort of long term pain relief or some other reason and 2) How do you want to be treated? Like someone that deserves to get to known by the therapist for their issues, or “just another appointment” or it really doesn’t matter to you.  There is no right or wrong, just what is right and wrong for you.

Stay tuned for my next post that will answer the question “How do I know you’re a qualified massage therapist?”